Smart lights could make your house look like an interactive club

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Most people think of smart bulbs when they think of connected lighting, but now we are starting to see lighting applications connected outside the bulb. This week I tried some different LED lights in Circuit Breaker Live to test: the Aurora Nanoleaf, Lifx Beam and the GE Sun C. Each of these is more of a design statement. Previously I checked the Sun and enjoyed my time with him. The circular ring of light varies from a bright blue tint to a warmer yellow. He can not handle any funky, funny color, which is a nuisance. It also has assistant Alex from Amazon, which is not necessary.
Aurora and Beam are similar products from two different companies. Both display music, although the Nanoleaf solution involves a module with a built-in microphone and auxiliary input. The Beam is based on the microphone of your paired device, which is much worse than the Nanoleaf music display module. Both lights are designed to be placed on a wall with 3M strips and accentuate the space of a home or store. I discovered that the Nanoleaf works more reliably due to its physical connectors that join all the panels. The Beam sticks through magnets.
In general, I am more interested in intelligent lighting that adds something to my house beyond the light. Since these devices cost a lot, I also want an interesting design, a dance light or funky colors. See the full clip above to get an idea of ​​their applications and how that experience works.


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