Sonos One is coming in new, more expensive colors

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The Sonos One has just received an update. No, it's not the Google Assistant integration we've been waiting for, but an updated color palette that adds precious new tones (and costs) to the company's smart speaker. Sonos tells us that he is adding red, green and yellow to the current offers in black and white, but there is also a pink version in the upper image that accompanies the announcement.
The new colors are the result of a collaboration with the Danish design brand HAY, and that is why it is called "HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection" because those words have been designed to have the greatest visual impact when grouped in exactly that order . Although it is trivial to many, the color of something as prominent as the speaker in a living room is crucial to others. And let's be honest: that yellow is hot.

Image: Sonos

"Color is one of the most important tools in the design process, and it was very important that we not only create a color scale that looks beautiful," says HAY co-founder Mette Hay. "The colors can be completely hidden and disappear or provide contrast".
The new special colors of Sonos One will be available to buy in September (presumably for a limited time) for 259 euros and 229 USD / GBP; which is a marked margin of the current retail price of 229 Euros and 199 USD / GBP.


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