Sony made a projector helmet to help you understand mosquitoes

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March 10, 2018
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March 11, 2018

Each year at SXSW in Austin, TX, Sony shows a lot of experimental projects. This year, the company presented its Superception Head Light system, which is basically a helmet with a Sony MP-CL1 projector protruding from the front and Sony MDR-XB950 headphones connected on the side. Someone at Sony simply tied a bunch of devices and connected an HTC Vive tracker to the back so that users can move around the room while the projection follows their movements.
Sony says the device must demonstrate how technology can affect human perception through our various senses. This demonstration attempts to teach users how animals use their senses to move around the world, such as the way mosquitoes use odor to find blood. The headphones played buzzes while the projector tried to show what the world would look like to a mosquito, with its odor alerts that occasionally went out. Dont have much sense. Another demonstration showed the world through the eyes of a butterfly while the projector emitted a colorful and abstract mosaic on the walls. I did not understand what I should get out of the experience, although I imagine it would have been more fun with drugs.
Nevertheless! I'll tell Sony thank you because I love Frankenstein's gadgets like this, even if the maximum use case is not clear. Can you walk around your house and play Netflix wherever you go? The helmet of the projector of Sony is ultimately a technology in search of a problem. But many gadgets would benefit from being a little stranger.


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