Sony’s XZ2 Premium has a 4K display and dual camera built for low-light shooting

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Less than two months after the presentation of Xperia XZ2 at the Mobile World Congress, Sony returns with the Xperia XZ2 Premium. It retains the same general design as the XZ2, a deviation from Sony's previous phones, but updates the screen, camera and battery. The XZ2 Premium will be available starting this summer. The prices have not yet been announced.
Sony is placing a 5.8-inch 4K screen on the XZ2 Premium, an improvement over the 5.7-inch Full HD + screen (1080 x 2160) on the regular XZ2. Both support HDR video. When you are watching videos, listening to music or playing games, you will notice the new vibration system that debuted on the XZ2; It is meant to provide a sound response to match what happens on the screen, but I found it a little misleading in my practice time with the standard model.
The biggest improvement here, according to Sony, is the camera. The XZ2 Premium has two of them around, a scoop for Sony. Instead of having a telephoto / zoom lens like Apple, Samsung or OnePlus, Sony uses the same strategy as other companies and divides image capture between them. One sensor shoots black and white, and the other color.

But where Sony is trying to improve everyone and stand out is in the ISO performance. When shooting still images, the XZ2 Premium can reach a maximum ISO of 51,200. The videos reach 12,800. Normally, anything you get from those numbers on a smartphone will look like grainy garbage, but Sony claims that its AUBE fusion image signal processor can combine the data from both sensors, optimize for low light and reduce noise for usable results. . We'll have to see how it really shows up in real use, but Sony says that this allows for "ultra-low light capture that was previously only seen in cameras with interchangeable lenses."
The dual-camera system will also have a portrait function (which Sony simply calls the Bokeh mode) and will allow you to shoot using only the monochrome sensor to obtain crisp, detailed black and white shots. Interestingly, these two features will not be in the XZ2 Premium at launch and will arrive in a Q3 software update. Like the XZ2, the Premium can record 960 fps of slow motion video at a resolution of 1080p, an improvement over the 720p limitation on the Samsung Galaxy S9.
Other improvements in the XZ2 Premium include RAM (now 6GB), battery capacity (3,540mAh) and a sharper front camera.
What's better with the XZ2 Premium?

Screen: The Premium model has a HDR 4K screen of 5.8 inches, while the regular XZ2 has a Full HD + panel of 5.7 inches. Both are LCD and support HDR video.

RAM: Sony is putting 6GB of RAM on the XZ2 Premium versus 4GB on the standard XZ2.

Rear camera (s): Sony switched to a dual camera system for XZ2 Premium, which can capture photos and videos of higher ISO. The portrait and black and white shooting modes will be added in a future software update. The XZ2 has a single 19 megapixel sensor.

Front camera: the XZ2 Premium has a selfie camera of 13 megapixels. The XZ2 is 5MP.

Battery: the battery inside the Premium is 3540mAh compared to the 3180mAh battery of the regular model. However, that does not necessarily mean a longer battery life, since the XZ2 Premium has to power a much higher resolution screen.
Other key specifications remain the same as in the XZ2. Both phones are shipped with Android 8.0 Oreo and have a Snapdragon 845 processor inside.


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