Sprint and Google Voice integration is ending on June 1st

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Sprint has announced that on June 1, it will complete its integration offered by Google Voice, which allows users to use their Sprint regular number on their phones as a Google Voice number, through Android Police.
The partnership with Google dates back to 2011, when the two companies joined to integrate Sprint numbers with Yahoo voice service, allowing you to use your current number through Sprint with Google Voice, with forwarding of calls and messages, Google Voice online interface, and transcribed voice messages, which were revolutionary features in 2011.

Despite the often negligent management of Google Voice (the application spent years without updates until 2017), Sprint has diligently supported the functionality all this time so far.
For users using the integration, Sprint notes that, as of June 1, calls and outgoing messages will be made through Sprint, not Google Voice (at Sprint speed), and will no longer be stored in Sprint. the application and the Google Voice website. Customers are advised to disable integration before that date to make sure things go smoothly.
Sprint users will still be able to use Google Voice as a forwarding service (as customers with other providers have done for years) if they still want to take advantage of those features. For this, they will only have to register to obtain a new Google Voice number from Google.


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