Students created a giant Rubik’s cube

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Three years ago, students at the University of Michigan Martin Harris and Samuelina Wright conceived the idea of ​​building a giant Rubik's cube, set in motion, as usual, with the help of hands.
With the consent of the administration of the university to develop the project, the initiative team began to implement it. At the time of project completion, Harris and Wright received diplomas on college graduation, and had to finish the work they started with other students.
Now, Rubik's giant cube is installed on the main campus of the educational institution, and anyone can control himself for his cunning and, at the same time, assess his physical abilities.
The cube is made mainly of aluminum and weighs around 650 kg. Unlike their "smaller brothers", the constituent blocks of the same do not insert themselves into each other, because then, due to friction, they could not be rotated. Instead, it was a system of rollers and bearings.
The Students publication created a giant Rubik's cube that first appeared in Indocent.


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