Super Mario becomes a surreal physics experiment in this free browser game

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April 9, 2018
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April 9, 2018

Part of what makes Super Mario games work is how they feel. The tight controls give you an idea of ​​everything Mario is doing, whether he's jumping across a ledge or trampling on a bad guy. It feels precise. Jelly Mario, a free browser game from developer Stefan Hedman, is definitely not.
In contrast, Jelly Mario takes one of the most iconic video games and stops him completely playing with physics. The game in its current state consists of the first two levels of original Super Mario Bros. But instead of jumping with balletic grace, Mario floats like a confused jellyfish. You play with the arrow keys, but they seem more suggestions than real controls; It can be difficult to get this flexible version of the plumber to do anything.

However, what makes the game especially funny is that everyone is based on the same jelly effect. If Mario jumps into a green pipe, it will bend and twist in strange ways. If you stand still and let a goomba enter you, Mario will be shot backwards with explosive force. Things become especially strange in stage 1-2, where the bricks will break into dozens of small pieces if you graze them. The music is equally unnerving: while the melodies and sound effects are familiar, they bend and contort according to the way Mario moves on the screen. It sounds bad
Super Mario games have always been strange, but Jelly Mario shows that things can actually be even stranger. I wonder what Shigeru Miyamoto would think. You can verify it in your browser right here.


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