Synthetic muscles printed on a 3D printer are three times stronger than human

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February 17, 2018
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February 17, 2018

Humanoid robots have become even more perfect, thanks to artificial muscles, which will allow them to lift the load 1000 times their own weight.
The new artificial muscles were developed by a team of engineers from Columbia University, led by Professor Hod Lipson. They are created by the 3D printing method and have a unique plasticity and mobility. The muscles can produce push movements, with their help you can pull, bend, turn and also lift weights.
The ability to lift heavy loads is provided by a combination of a powerful electric drive and low density silicone rubber, in which ethanol microbubbles are distributed. 3D printing gives the muscles the correct shape and they are powered by a power supply with a voltage of only 8 volts.
According to Professor Lipson, unlike "hard" robots, soft-skinned androids can more naturally reproduce grip movements and perform various subtle manipulations, for example, to provide medical assistance or pick up soft objects.
During the experiments, the muscles were able to stretch up to 900% of their original size, due to heating at 80 ° C. Now in the plans of the developers to connect with the control of the artificial intelligence of the muscles, which will radically improve the accuracy of the movements made and the speed of response of the system.
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