Teaser: Syfy’s The Expanse will return on April 11th

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The Syfy channel has given us a first look at the upcoming season of The Expanse, and tell us when we can see what the crew of the Rocinante spacecraft is planning: April 11.
Based on the novels of James SA Corey, The Expanse is a science fiction show set in a solar system populated about a century in the future, in which the destruction of an ice mining ship almost triggered a war, all to hide the existence of a foreign substance known as the protomolecule.

The second season finished adapting the first novel, and began to approach the history of the second novel of the series, Caliban & # 39; s War, in which the solar system is pushed even more towards the total war.
This brief breakthrough suggests what to expect next season: an invisible narrator says that everyone makes mistakes, and that "each of us has regrets, demons, a past that torments us", and that it is time to decide if those mistakes will inform our future decisions. The line follows the events of the end of last season. In those two episodes, the crew of Rocinante was forced to face some of their problems, namely, Naomi Nagata delivered her sample of the foreign substance to the leader of a political faction, betraying the trust of her friends. The narrator continues saying that not only will they have to face their enemies, but also themselves, since everyone in the system competes to control the protomolecule.
The third season of the series is ready to complete the Caliban & # 39; s War adaptation, and is expected to begin adapting the third novel, Abbadon & # 39; s Gate. The program also includes a couple of notable actors: for this third season: David Strathairn (Good evening, and good luck and Alphas), and Elizabeth Mitchell (LOST, V and Once Upon a Time).
The Expanse will return to Syfy on April 11.


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