Tesla raises prices at its Supercharger stations

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Tesla drivers can enjoy a wide network of Supercharger stations throughout the United States, but it has a cost: the price of the charge. The automaker has quietly increased prices per kilowatt hour to use the fast charging stations.
The average increase for pay-per-use customers ranges from approximately 20 to 40 percent, according to Electrek. In California, for example, the price went from 20 cents per kWh to 26 cents. In Oregon, the price doubled from 12 cents to 24 cents, and that of New York rose five cents to 24 cents per kWh. The owners of the new Model S and Model X vehicles continue to have 400kWh of credit per year, while the drivers of Model 3 have no credits.
"Tesla is committed to ensuring that the Supercharger is never a profit center," says the company on its Supercharger site, despite efforts to make them more friendly to the city or even higher for early demand. However, with more than 1,100 Supercharging stations currently in North America, the expected delivery of Teslas in 2018 – if Model 3 begins to achieve production goals – will clearly weigh on the network.
For now, however, one of the advantages of driving a Tesla is having access to what is still a large fast-charging network. It's getting more expensive now.


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