The 300th episode of The Vergecast

The FCC won’t release emails behind the planning of Ajit Pai’s Harlem Shake video
April 6, 2018
secure email, Signal, SecureDrop, and more
April 6, 2018

It's episode 300 of The Vergecast! To celebrate, Nilay, Dieter and Paul begin the show explaining internal jokes that have been included in the program in recent years. Do not you understand what Scissor Vodka is? Are you wondering why Bixby is a dog? Do you need to know why Paul says his name at the end of each episode? Well, we take the time to answer that.
In addition, there are some news that came out this week. We have an iPad review, some updates from Mark Zuckerberg and some Apple drama.
There's a lot more to that, like the segment of Paul that he does every week with the same name "Lonely Alone," so listen to everything, and you'll get it all.

03:14 – Joke explainer
16:13 – Mark Zuckerberg calls Tim Cook's comments on Facebook & # 39; extremely simplistic & # 39;
21:54 – Apple Music had a better Weeknd than Spotify
24:03 – Apple hires Google's former AI boss to help improve Siri
31:16 – Review of the Apple iPad (2018)
35:50 – Apple's redesigned Mac Pro will arrive in 2019
46:30 – Compilation of Paul's weekly segment
49:38 – The weekly segment of Paul "Lonely Alone"
52:18 – Facebook wants a supreme court of social networks so you can avoid difficult questions
If you enjoyed this podcast and want to hear more audio from The Verge, well, you're in luck. Season 2 of Why & # 39; d You Push That Button presented by Kaitlyn Tiffany and Ashley Carman is here! This week's episode deals with finstagrams. You can subscribe anywhere, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music and our RSS feed. And let yourself get caught in season 1 if you got lost.


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