The biggest early visual changes in Android P

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March 7, 2018
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March 7, 2018

With the first preview for Android P developers today, we are seeing for the first time the visual update in which it was rumored that Google was working a few months ago. This is an extremely early version of the software, so it is very likely that there are more changes on the way, and part of what is shown here may be different in the next preview. But even this barebones developer 1 preview makes it clear that Google is taking things in a more colorful and colorful direction.
The next preview for Android P developers is expected sometime in May, so it is the next opportunity where we will have to see additional changes in Android as it appears on Pixel devices and other Google products. This is the new thing in the initial version of today:
The clock moves to the left for pleasant notifications

The clock moved from the extreme right to the left end of the top status bar of Android P. And since the new operating system is optimized for notches that could cut into the top viewing area, it starts placing notifications right next to weather. Up to four different application icons will appear; After that, Android P shows a simple point to inform you that there is more waiting once you scroll down the notification tray.
A more colorful configuration menu

Google seems obsessed with the constant change and reworking of the Settings screen with every major Android update. This year, things become a little more colorful with new icons to the right of sections such as Network, Screen, Battery, etc. The actual design of things has hardly changed, but the Oreo grayscale icons are gone and replaced by colorful circles. Very Samsung.
A simpler Quick Settings drop-down menu

This is one of the areas where it is very obvious that Google is making changes. The corners have been rounded and the configuration icons for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. they are now within circles that acquire a color accent when they are enabled or turn gray when they are off. That horizontal bar below the icons is also close. Fully expanded, the new Quick Settings drop-down menu looks like this:

The pier looks like a dock again

The Android P dock, which contains your favorite apps and a Google search bar, received a cloudy background to make it stand out from everything else on the home screen. That should also make it a bit more obvious than swiping up to get to the application chooser. There is also a microphone icon on the right inside the search bar to access even faster the voice search and the Google Assistant.
The Pixel & # 39; s Product Sans font is shown in more places

It is not clear if this is intentional or is simply the result of a very early creation of Android P, but the source that Google uses for the Pixel brand is displayed in more places throughout the system, such as "Allow" and "Deny" here . It is officially called Product Sans.


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