The curator of Spotify’s RapCaviar playlist is leaving the company

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Global Spotify's hip-hop director, Tuma Basa, leaves the company, reports Billboard. An influential figure in the music industry, Basa helped create the Spotify playlist strategy, and heals his popular RapCaviar playlist, which currently has almost 9 million followers.
Basa joined Spotify in April 2015, creating and growing more than a dozen playlists for the company. "I am blessed to listen to music before it comes out through people addicted to music," he said in an interview last year with Genius. "Spotify also gives me tools to see what people are broadcasting in different cities, so I like to go from city to city in those tools and listen."
As Billboard points out, Spotify has not given a reason for Basa's departure, but plans to continue creating RapCaviar, and is planning an upcoming RapCaviar live tour.
Spotify called Basa "an incredible asset" in a statement to Billboard, and confirmed that he will continue to grow the RapCaviar brand. "The RapCaviar team, which is rapidly expanding with boots on the ground globally, is committed to building the brand and offering its users the best hip-hop experience on the platform," the statement said.
The news of Basa's departure comes a day after Spotify requested an initial public offering, which revealed that Spotify has struggled to be profitable even though its subscriber numbers have increased.


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