The Dock probably won’t solve your charging conundrums

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Keeping all your devices charged is a perpetual struggle of modern life. Between phones, smart watches, tablets, laptops, headsets, video game consoles, battery packs, and physical activity trackers, there are too many devices that must be charged at all times.
The Dock (a very descriptive name) is a new product from ThanoTech that seeks to solve the enigma of the load. It is a large and heavy tray that you must place on the nightstand or on the chest of drawers that has a built-in wireless charger (which also comes out of the base and functions as a portable battery pack), an integrated corner for traversing a charger Apple Watch and a couple of USB ports to charge old-style devices. Rounding out the features is a pop-up drawer on the side to hide things that you presumably use less often.

The whole set is housed with good taste in a base of leather and aluminum. That looks good, but I'm not convinced that the Dock is the way to go here. With devices like Apple's AirPower just around the corner, I'm getting increasingly frustrated with the loading docks that require filling an Apple Watch charger through a cutout to make it look like it belongs. Ultimately, the Dock does not offer much in terms of functionality; there are easier, cheaper and smaller devices that offer a Qi wireless charger and a couple of USB ports. Apart from the Apple Watch, the Dock does not seem to offer a way to manage those other cables, which means that if you are using it for anything that is wired, it is right where it started in terms of clutter. Unless you're really in love with the compartmentalized layout of the tray that the Dock provides, I just do not see the benefit here.
The Dock is available to support Kickstarter for anticipated prices that range between $ 150 and $ 170, with a final retail price of $ 189 after the campaign. ThanoTech expects to send in July and has delivered previous crowdfunding products. (But, as always, use your own criteria before backing up).
I believe in my heart that someone will eventually solve the burden problem. Maybe it's Qi charging, some kind of fast ultra-fast charger with cable, or something we have not seen yet … but a desktop tray organizer with a couple of USB ports does not feel like the solution.


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