The easter egg in Android P developer preview looks like an upside down Beats logo

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March 7, 2018
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March 7, 2018

Google has just dropped the developer preview of Android P, the next version of its mobile operating system. Google has traditionally hidden an Easter egg inside these previews as a clue to what the code name of the operating system will be called, and Android P is no exception.
So far, some features of the Android P seem to emulate Apple, such as bubble-type notifications borrowed from iOS and notch support for all recently announced Android devices that have copied the look that the iPhone X made popular. But most surprising of all is the Easter egg P, which looks directly as B backwards from the Beats logo.
The Easter egg opens to a red background, but as you move up and down, the colors change and the P becomes larger and smaller in a funky effect. It is caricaturesque and quirky, with colors that remind you of … a palette.

That said, do not read the Easter egg too deeply. On the one hand, I doubt that Google calls it Popsicle since it already has an Android Lollipop. In addition, Google hid an octopus for the preview of Android 8.0 last year and we all know what the O ended up representing.


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