The latest Deadpool 2 trailer introduces X-Force

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March 22, 2018
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This is a bit unexpected: Avengers: Infinity War will not be the only great superhero team movie that will be released this spring. When 20th Century Fox released the latest preview of Deadpool 2, it revealed that the film will feature X-Force.
What is completely expected from the trailer are more Deadpool bigmouth jokes, a lot of bloody violence and meta-comments about the nature of superhero movies. From the point of view of things, Deadpool continues to act as watchmen, until the Cable of Josh Brolin arrives with plans to kill a child who seems to have powers. Cable does not allow anything to get in its way, including Deadpool. Violence ensues.
When Deadpool realizes he can not take the cable himself, he gathers a few superheroes and gathers them into a group he calls X-Force, which freely admits that it is a derived name. We have some glimpses of the X-Men of the first Deadpool -Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead- but there are some new players here. Domino, played by Zazie Beetz, was already an established part of the film. It is not clear who the purple-haired character of Shioli Kutsuna is, but possible conjectures include Psylocke (which was part of X-Force at one point and has purple hair and the ability to make psychic weapons) or Surge (which has electric powers). ). Terry Crews seems to be playing Shatterstar, and Anarchist and Zeitgeist are in the mix. There's also a fun picture of Deadpool tools in Professor X's wheelchair. It's amazing that X-Force is completely assembled in this film, since Fox has already aligned an adaptation of the comic with Netflix's Daredevil, and the screenwriter of The Martian Drew Goddard is preparing to write and direct.
Since the next Avengers team will hit theaters in April, it seems to be a mature target for the movie's sarcasm. Reynolds & # 39; Wade Wilson & T.J. Miller & # 39; s Weasel releases some shots in the endless sequels that superhero movies get, implying that they themselves should stop at Deadpool 2 before ruining it.
Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18.


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