The Light Phone 2 adds messaging and more to the ultra-minimalist cellphone

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The Light Phone is a cell phone that was launched last year with an interesting premise: remove all the strange and annoying parts of modern smartphones, such as the Internet, text messages, email and photography, to leave the distilled essence of a phone. He could make calls and store nine phone numbers, but that was all.
It was an interesting idea, one that promised a life in which I could eliminate the distractions of a common smartphone without completely cutting off the rest of the world, but ultimately it was too limited.
Light Phone II is the successor of the original Light Phone, and has the same minimalist idea, but adds some more features to make it more feasible to use as a normal phone.

Light Phone II shares the same matte design of the original, but instead of a lighted 10-digit numeric keypad, it has an E-Ink touch screen. It also has 4G support and some new features, including the ability to send text messages. Light is also exploring adding some more advanced features, such as basic maps, music or a ride in a company like Uber.
Unlike the original Light Phone, which only worked with phone calls and it was easier to forward things from your "main" phone, the Light Phone II is meant to be more of an independent device. I'm a big fan of the concept, even if it's not the kind of phone I can see using full-time. (I'm too attached to the internet on my smartphone, for better or for worse.) I could see myself using it when I want to be a little less connected, like when I'm on vacation or on the beach.

Light Phone II is still quite advanced in the process; the company is still finalizing specifications, features and hardware, and does not even expect to send the phone until April 2019. (It's also worth keeping in mind that Light promised a May 2016 delivery date of its original 2015 campaign for the first Light Phone, which did not end up sending sponsors until January 2017, so the April date may be optimistic.)
It is also a product financed by crowdfunding, so disclaimers are still applied on the use of their own criteria before backup (although Light has sent a product that works before).
Light Phone II is available to support Indiegogo for $ 225, an anticipated price of a planned price tag of $ 400.


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