The new Ford Focus is coming with more tech — and from China

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April 11, 2018
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Ford showed the next generation of its compact Focus Tuesday. While that does not sound momentous, it is a reminder that the automaker still focuses on cars and not trucks, SUVs and connected cities. But it is also another indicator of how Ford will connect its cars in the coming years.
Although official information about the EE versions is not expected. UU Until the end of this year, it is likely that the new Focus, which arrives next year, will obtain the Co-Pilot360 system that was announced last month. The set of driver assistance technologies, while not yet a semi-autonomous system such as Tesla's autopilot, includes automatic forward braking, blind spot monitoring and lane maintenance assistance. Other assistance features available include a lane centering system and evasive steering assistance, which attempts to automatically guide the car in a possible collision.
Ford is also delivering on the promise of connecting its cars by equipping the new Focus with a mobile access point and offering an application to perform functions such as locking and unlocking the car. And a smooth hybrid version of the Focus is expected next year in markets such as Europe, with a 48-volt electrical system coupled to a three-cylinder engine with a 1.0-liter turbocharger.

But we still do not know if we are getting that version, or to what extent the approach seen here differs from the versions that will eventually reach the United States. That's because Ford announced last year that Focus's main models for this country will come from one of its plants in China, instead of the Michigan plant that makes them now, or the plant in Mexico that would supposedly supply North's demand. American Focus. Some versions can be imported from Europe, like the more performance-oriented hatchbacks.
That's what makes China's entire tariff situation tenuous for automakers like Ford. While the jumble between China and the US UU On the trade may be on the way to a compromise, a car as important as the Focus can be on the wrong side in this scenario.


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