The Ready Player One tie-in games’ final boss is copyright law

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Making a video game connection for Ready Player One fans seems like a maddening task.
After all, what does it mean to be a fan of Ready Player One, a piece of pop culture designed as a wrapper for another pop culture, often better? Does it mean investing in the journey of digital treasure hunter Wade Watts and his effort to protect the world of virtual reality known as OASIS? Or is it more about enjoying your mix of landmarks, such as DeLoreans, WarGames and Rush?
If it's the latter, fans may be disappointed by the Ready Player One collection of virtual reality games that will soon be released for HTC Vive. The collection is much more substantive than its usual VR movie, but with few exceptions, the designers apparently did not get the rights to all the movie and game franchises that Spielberg did. Therefore, they are limited to the knowledge and aesthetics that are specific to the Ready Player One OASIS, and that is not a deep well from which to extract. You can fight against thugs from the sinister Innovative Online Industries, which are explicitly designed to be boring and interchangeable representatives of a heartless corporation, for example. Or you can play VR virtual reality games that are something like non-VR arcade games that may have been enjoyed by the lonely and obsessed creator of OASIS in the 1980s. Or you can make an avatar for a virtual reality world that does not exist , and … well, stare at it, or send a photo to your friends.
VRChat is probably more like & # 39; Ready Player One & # 39; that any of these games
There are eight Ready Player One experiences, which will be distributed free of charge through Steam and Viveport, as well as being installed in some virtual reality rooms. Two seem very adapted from the existing saga Arcade Game de Vive. Two are built on existing platforms: a VR dance club on TheWaveVR, and a replica of the Aech garage side by side on the Sansar of Linden Lab. One is the creator of the aforementioned avatar. One is a single-player stationary wave shooting game with IOI henchmen. Another is a non-stationary co-operative wave game with IOI henchmen. And one is a VR dungeon tracker that shares a name with the real 80s hack and slash game, Gauntlet, but it does not indicate much other connection.
It is assumed that a couple of these are quite long, although I could only try a few minutes of each. Some are frustrating: Gauntlet, on the other hand, falls on the particularly disparate bullets of slow VR shots at a large number of extremely close enemies while constantly teleporting backwards. "Others are simple but solidly funny, like the cooperative Rise of the Gunters, which offers the central feedback loop of a decent virtual reality shooter, but only the dance floor of TheWaveVR really reminded me that I was supposed to play something related to Ready Player One. (It's no coincidence that it was the only that featured recognizable characters and songs, including "Take On Me" by A-Ha, which now appears in my head every time I edit this paragraph.) In fact, the existing VRC social app might feel more like the movie than any of them .
Ready Player One is a film about virtual reality escapism, so it seems that the main unifying theme is "nostalgic virtual reality of science fiction and fantasy". Okay, although virtual reality is not remotely conventional, it's still big enough for that to be possible. A bit like making generic video games to promote a movie about games. But it is still interesting to see a link with the media that is more about interpreting a general concept than following a plot or characters. And this collection in particular also highlights the contradiction between the intellectual property law, which gives companies complete and perpetual control over the beloved pieces of culture, and the modern fandom, which uses that same culture as building blocks for the culture. new art I do not know if I would play any of these games for a long time, but in spirit, that's what I do.


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