The robot dogs I have loved the most

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March 18, 2018
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I've never been a great gadget blogger. My entries in The Verge's Auto Switch have met with feelings ranging from "is this a joke?" Even "I have difficulty getting your writing style" until "this is the reason why I swept you in Tinder", which was eliminated by the moderators.
But that does not mean that I have not loved any gadget in my time. For example, I love PneuHound, a small robotic dog built at the Hosoda Lab at Osaka University in 2016. I love Lizzie Plaugic's description of his co-worker, who was: "Running frantically, but not moving too much He shudders constantly, he strikes his small silly body on the walls. "
I also love SynDaver Labs anatomically correct synthetic dog, built the same year, which Lizzie described as: "Your body looks like an uncooked bacon." In fact, when thinking about all the gadgets that I have loved, none of them is my iPhone (which regularly tells me that the weather will be poor or that bad people are in charge of even the dumb things) or my TV (which only has five channels and one of them is called "Movies!" and reproduces exclusively movies since 1987) or my laptop (which is covered in dirt and jam and does not reflect well my personal hygiene). Do not! They are all robot dogs.
Here are the four that I have loved the most.
Tekno Robot Dog Silver Interactive Toy Puppy Quest
I owned this robot dog when I was a kid, and I completely forgot how charming (and terrifying!) It is, until I found one at the home of producer Andrew Marino of Why You're That Button in Brooklyn this winter. I played with him for so long, almost to the point of the party when Andrew said, "It's my birthday, I just wanted everyone to have the experience of not knowing they're at a birthday party."

Poo-Chi by Sega Toys
Also, I had this robot dog when I was a kid. Why did my parents buy me new robot dogs at a much more acute rate than the one where I currently update my cell phone or go to the dentist? Little clear! I'll call you later and ask, but it's none of your business. I had one with blue ears and my sister had Dalmation's.

iDog by Sega Toys
Possibly the best gadget of my life, the iDog was a dance speaker that was meant to be plugged into an iPod, but realistically you could plug it into anything. I was supposed to react, emotionally, to the music you played through it. I connected my iDog to a SanDisk MP3 player with probably 30 songs, including the entire The Dixie Chicks Fly album, a selection of Dan Fogelberg's greatest hits, and Paper Lace's "The Night Chicago Died." My little one had no idea what to do with it!

There's a real song called "Me, My Music, and My iDog", and the chorus says "All I need is me, my music and my iDog / I do not care about anything else / All I need is me, me music and my iDog / I do not care about anything else. "
The next decade was difficult for me.
Joy for All Companion Pet Golden Pup by Hasbro
In October 2016, Lizzie was mailed a Joy for All Companion Pet manufactured by Hasbro, for no reason that was clear to us. The yellow lab pup is recommended primarily for Alzheimer's and dementia patients who can not care for a living dog but who deserve and want a little friend.
Lizzie named this Ricky and sat at his desk until we moved out of the Vox offices in Bryant Park in January 2017. He rode downtown in a black plastic box and was lovingly (or roughly) handed over to our new offices in the financial district He sat next to us, going in and out, nodding and placing a Vox Union pin in his handkerchief around his neck, comforting us with a simulated heartbeat that roughly coincided with ours, barking slightly, when we allow it to do so.

According to Amazon reviews for Ricky, "Your cute responses to voice and movement, the heartbeat when you slap, [and] heavy breathing / mild snoring when you go to sleep make it impossible to not smile . " I agree.
These are the robot dogs that I have loved the most.


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