The security camera that outsmarts other security cameras.

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Sometimes to take a step forward, you have to start from scratch. Two years ago, we set out to create the best indoor security camera, one that was smarter, sharper and more beautiful than anything we've seen before.
Meet Nest Cam IQ. We build it from scratch with completely new hardware. Everything, from the lens to the hinge and the microphones, is the latest in technology. And when the hardware is so advanced, all the software and services can move to the next level.

An eye for faces
As it looks better, Nest Cam IQ can think better. It has the processing power to distinguish a person from a thing. So you get person alerts right out of the box. (Nest Cam Indoor needs help from the cloud to do that). With Nest Aware, Nest Cam IQ can apply facial recognition technology to track familiar faces and even help you detect strangers.1 So your camera can tell you more than you did or did not see a person, you can tell that you saw Fred.
This is a job for Supersight
With video, the quality of the image is much more than the pixel count. It's about processing, encoding, pixel size, frame rate and more. What good is an 8 million pixel image if it saturates your bandwidth?
Nest Cam IQ has a 4K sensor and a 130 ° wide view to capture as much as possible. Then it converts raw data into extra clear and uninterrupted video, and two ways of viewing it. We call it Supersight.
Supersight starts with HDR, combining 4K images staggered into a beautifully balanced 1080p HD image that will not drown your connection. Then, the video is encrypted and its bit rate adjusted adaptively.
And now comes the main magic trick: the close-up of tracking. When Nest Cam IQ detects a person, Supersight can automatically approach and follow him walking through a room, without losing sight of the entire 130 ° image.
Do you want to be closer to a specific area? You can digitally zoom up to 12x and enhance the video to a clear 1080p HD. And you can still see it clearly thanks to its 4K sensor.
Talk and Listen goes HD
With a high-end speaker and a three-microphone array, Nest Cam IQ speaks louder and listens more clearly. It has noise suppression and echo cancellation. And at the end of this year, it will be a full duplex, so you can easily communicate with family and pets as if you were talking on the phone. Or catch the attention of an intruder from the other side of the room.
One last thing: intelligent audio alerts
With Nest Aware, Nest Cam IQ will also send smart audio alerts. It can alert you when the Nest Cam hears the sound of a dog or the voice of a person. So, if you have a dog barking alert, you can see if Fido is involved in something, or simply by driving the neighbors crazy.
The day we launched Nest Learning Thermostat in 2011, it changed the game instantly. Nobody had seen something like this before. Nest Cam has been different. There was a lot of competition when it was launched, but we still believed that it was the best security camera on the market. And we've made incremental improvements along the way: deep changes like Sightline and three-hour snapshot history that continue to raise the level of smart cameras. But Nest Cam IQ does not raise the bar. Like the Nest thermostat, the game has changed.
1Family facial alerts require a Nest Aware subscription and are not available on devices used in Illinois.


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