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February 24, 2018
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February 24, 2018

For my work, they gave me a Nebula Capsule to review. The portable projector is the size of a soda can, works with Android TV and has a surprisingly strong built-in speaker. The 100 lumens of brightness are not many, and neither is the resolution of 480 x 854, but it works acceptably to watch YouTube or Netflix in a dark room on a white wall. It is not as powerful as its bigger sister, the Nebula Mars, but it is much more portable.
Unfortunately, this projector has a fatal flaw: a terrible IR remote that only detects half of my click attempts, no matter where I point it. This is absolutely the most painful when trying to enter a Wi-Fi password using the D-pad of the remote control, but it is bad enough that the general navigation of the Android TV UI is getting worse.

Photo of Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Fortunately, there is an application called Capsule Control, which allows you to control the projector via Bluetooth from your phone. It works very well and gives you a much more useful keyboard, but it's still no excuse for a broken remote control.
In addition, the plastic focus ring on the projector is abysmal. It is so difficult to reach the optimal point, and usually a lot of luck is needed to finish with an image focused on the wall. For $ 296, I expect a little more quality.
But … I had a nice evening with the Nebula Capsule.
On my first day of testing, I had the capsule in my bag. It was in the art gallery space of my friend's warehouse, and I decided that I could impress the locals with my new gadget. Slowly and laboriously enter the Wi-Fi password. I opened YouTube, and since I did not have the patience to look for something specific, I wrote slowly and laboriously "speedrun" in the search box. Then, I accidentally withdrew from YouTube (yes, it was the fault of the remote control, do not worry), so I went back to YouTube and had to write everything again. I got as far as "speedru" this time when I found a good candidate: a speedrun from Shadow of the Colossus.

Photo of Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

I think Shadow of the Colossus is possibly the most beautiful game ever made. It was beautiful on the PS2, beautiful on its PS3 "HD" version and beautiful on the new version of PS4. In case you are not familiar with the game, it involves a lot of horseback riding.
So now I have a video to play on my new elegant projector that I hate. And, since it is a portable projector that I have in my hands, of course, I began to point it out to people.
Everything was a little accidental how it happened, but I could have glimpsed the future.
I think we'll start decorating each other.
Have you noticed that feature in Facebook Messenger where you can annotate images in a conversation by drawing on them? Instead of just sending and receiving passive selfies, now you can emphasize and improvise drawing, with photography as a starting point.

Photo of Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Now think about what we will do when we finally get augmented reality contact lenses. Will we be happy to simply see facts and statistics appear in our vision? That restaurant has 4.5 stars on Yelp. That person's name is "Susan", and you've seen her three times in the last month.
No, I do not think that's enough. I think we'll start decorating each other. Imagine that you can apply a Snapchat filter to your friends, family, business contacts and the water slide guy that tells you when it's your turn to go. Some people will look like dogs, some people will have halos floating on them. Others will be constantly rained or rainbow will come out every time they say something.
Believe me, we will decorate each other.
And so, here I was, with a projector emitting a rather distinctive image of a young hero on the back of a horse, jumping over endless plains. So I decorated my friends with this horse video. It made them look like they were in a music video. He made them look deep and interesting. He made it look like they were from the future. Also, it worked better if they wore a white shirt.
One day, when you put your first pair of contact lenses AR and immediately mark a horse video to superimpose it on everything, you will understand it.
Or I suppose you could buy this Nebula Capsule projector and try to ignore its fatal flaw. I will not be offended. The future needs decorators.

Photo of Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge


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