The Vergecast live at SXSW 2018: podcast edition

The FCC says a space startup launched four tiny satellites into orbit without permission
March 10, 2018
This iPhone case turns your phone into a working Game Boy
March 10, 2018

This week, The Vergecast is in Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest 2018 in front of a live audience. Nilay, Dieter, Casey and Ashley run for the news and share their experience on Google's new plan to make the web faster, using the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Android P for developer testing. If you wanted to see the show, you're very sorry! But good news for you, I recorded them so you can listen to them whenever you want.
You should do that now here.

And here are the articles discussed in this week's program:
00:45 – Google's latest plan could change the way you surf the web
10:03 – Amazon has a solution for the spooky laughter of Alexa
5:16 PM – Review of Samsung Galaxy S9
27:17 – Android P is available for development testing
32: 57 – Paul's weekly segment "Shoes – You have them"
35:24 – On Twitter, lies spread faster than the truth
41:02 – Snap confirms the layoffs of a little over 120 & # 39; engineers
45:00 – It is reported that Barack Obama plans Netflix shows
50:59 – Questions and answers


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