The Volvo V60 is a wagon that we’re contractually obligated to love

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Automotive journalists love vans. It is in our DNA. There is something about their nimble forms, their silly reputation, and their functional interiors that emotionally sighs from anyone who covers the automotive industry professionally. Also, they are often fun to drive.
The Volvo V60 made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, and I am very excited for all the above reasons. In addition, it is assumed that you have an updated Pilot Assist driver assistance system to "improve the curves". The system supports the steering, braking and acceleration of the entrances at speeds of up to 80 mph. We have not tested it yet, but Volvo is a brand that takes safety ratings very seriously. I'm very interested to see how it builds up with the Cadillac Super Cruise and the Tesla autopilot.

Another thing about the wagons is that they are very rare in our hellscape landscape with trucks and SUVs, at least in the USA. UU (In Europe, the truck is a much more common vehicle of choice.) Exactly zero effort is required to buy a new SUV or truck. But if you're in the market for a truck in the United States, you'll have to do a real job to find one; There is not much out there. That makes them great and special.

Lovers of wagons would be advised to move to Stockholm, where the V60 debuted earlier this year and where wagons, in general, are a staple. (In addition, they have socialized medicine, which I understand is excellent). The V60, which was introduced in the US UU In 2014, it remains a niche vehicle in North America, but is popular throughout Europe.
In the USA The V60 will launch both the 250 horsepower front-wheel drive model and the more snow-resistant four-wheel drive version that generates 316 horsepower (both powered by gasoline engines). In Europe and elsewhere, the V60 will also be offered as a plug-in hybrid of 390 horsepower or a new hybrid plug-in variant with 340 horsepower.
Volvo is committed to electrifying its entire line in 2019, but the Swedish automaker says plans to bring hybrid versions of the V60 to the United States have not been finalized yet. The combustion version of fossil fuels goes on sale in 2019.


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