These penguins found a camera, then they hammed it up

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A pair of emperor penguins in Antarctica were filmed with a camera that an explorer had left on the ice.
In the short video, published by the Australian Antarctic Division, you can see a penguin approaching the camera, somehow slides it up to focus on its face, and then joins a second penguin. They both look curiously at the lens before losing interest. One of the penguins even says something: a vocalization that I decided to interpret as "Why are they spying on us?"
The birds have long beaks and claws of threatening aspect. (You can take a quick look at the beginning of the video when the first penguin arrives). Their bellies look incredibly soft and tender: a white pillow of fat. In fact, they need that fat to stay warm.

Video: Australian Antarctic Division

Emperor penguins live in Antarctica, where they can face blizzards of up to 200 kilometers per hour (124 miles per hour), according to the Australian Antarctic Division. They are the largest penguin species in the world, with a height of 45 inches (114 centimeters) and a weight of up to 88 pounds (40 kilograms). They live in colonies of a few hundred to more than 20,000 pairs. These colonies, and those of other species of penguins, are so large that their spots on snow and ice can be seen from space.
The two curious penguins in the video were filmed in Auster Rookery, a colony of penguins near the Australian research station Mawson. "The Australian Antarctic expeditionary, Eddie Gault, left the camera on the ice when he visited the colony," wrote the Australian Antarctic Division, "and it did not take long for the birds, naturally curious, to seize the opportunity of a selfie."
That is cute. But let's not forget that some other penguins with a special ability for cinematography can be completely terrifying. Here is an example:


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