This Pokémon incoming call tweak is the best argument for jailbreaking an iPhone in years

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April 16, 2018
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April 16, 2018

Jailbreaking iPhones has fallen into vogue in recent years, but this next PokéCall jailbreak trick developed by the Reddit user FrozenPenguinToaster could be the best argument for jailbreaking in years. The trick transforms the boring screen of incoming calls into iOS in a battle of the classic games of Pokémon Game Boy, to iconic music.
It's surprisingly functional, too, with the contacts appearing as coaches, and presenting the options to answer the call (fight) or hang (flee). Strictly speaking, you can not escape a trainer's battle in Pokémon RPGs, but we will give FrozenPenguinToaster a pass so that users can avoid calls.

The setting is still under development, but FrozenPenguinToaster promises that you will be able to customize different looks of coaches for your various contacts, as well as choose which Pokémon they will send to battle when they call you. The developer also commented that they are looking to add the option to always see the name of the caller and the answer / decline buttons. (In the current state, there is a delay of several seconds between the phone's ring and the animation that shows those details).
Jailbreaking has certainly declined in popularity as Apple has continued to plug holes that developers have used to sneak into the walled garden of iOS and as iOS has grown to include many of the most important features such as multitasking that were once only available for jailbreakers But there is still a dedicated community that works to get around the walled garden of Apple and make iPhones theirs.
And if you're willing to make an effort, you can also pretend that your incoming calls are pokémon battles.


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