This stylish e-bike comes with a solar-powered battery pack

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February 28, 2018
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Today, electric bicycles are a dozen, but a new Kvaern, based in Copenhagen, has two things that stand out: a unique compact style and a battery with solar energy to charge.
The Kvaern bike of € 999 ($ ​​1,200) is pedal-assisted (which means you still have to do a little work) and uses a 250W engine built into the chassis to get up to 15 miles per hour in just a few seconds, according to the company. . An integrated battery is good enough for approximately 30 miles of range, which also shuts down for easy charging.
However, if you want to delve into the green e-bike lifestyle, Kvaern also sells a 360wH battery and a combined solar panel for € 449 ($ 548), so you can power the bike with nothing but sunlight.

Kvaern will launch the bicycle and solar energy package at Indiegogo later this week, and customers around the world will be able to buy the bicycle and power source together or separately. (I only know that there is no discount if you buy them together.) Kvaern plans to enter production soon to deliver the bike this summer and the combined energy package this fall.
As always happens with companies that launch products in Indiegogo, there is a possibility that these things never happen. But if you are in love with the idea and do not want to roll the dice in a startup, there are many similar portable batteries and solar panels already available in the market, and a lot of electric bicycles at or under the Kvaern price tag. You may have to do some comparative shopping if you want to find something that matches the style of the Copenhagen startup, but you can certainly mount the sun's rays much earlier.


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