This week’s nor’easter killed at least six people on the East Coast

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March 3, 2018
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March 3, 2018

The east coast of the United States was hit by a large winter storm yesterday, hitting the region with strong winds, rain and snow and flooding the coastal areas. At least six people died as a result of the storm, according to The Washington Post.
This is the second major storm to reach the region so far this year. The easter of this week that was formed during the last week was especially bad, with a low pressure area that kept the storm on the coast of New England, which caused widespread coastal flooding. That flood was aided by tides brought by an almost full moon, adding a couple of extra feet to the waterline at high tide.
The storm also had other effects along the east coast: airlines canceled thousands of flights and Amtrak suspended rail service between Washington DC and New York City overnight; Since then, the service has been restored. Strong storm winds damaged power lines, leaving more than two million people without electricity in the region, according to The New York Times. The storm has killed at least six people in New York, Virginia, Maryland and Rhode Island, all as a result of falling trees and branches.
The Boston National Weather Service warned of continued flooding during the afternoon, with an increase of two to two feet and a swell of 20 feet at sea. Twitter users took photos and recorded videos of the floods in Boston.

The National Weather Service says flood warnings will remain in effect in Massachusetts until Sunday morning, when the storm is expected to advance.


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