Tinder’s new chronological Feed of recent match activity is rolling out to all users

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Tinder's Feed is now being extended to users worldwide, the dating apps company confirmed on Wednesday night with a one-sentence blog update. Feed is a chronological chronology of the recent activity of those with whom it has coincided; shows his latest matches, his latest photos and Spotify's new "anthem" options added to his profiles. Everything is listed in order starting with the most recent changes to a profile. Users can comment on the individual elements in the feed, which gives optimists an easier way to launch a first message.
So, instead of just saying "hey," you will now have photos and musical interests to work with. The feed is also another way for users to initiate conversations with the long list of matches with those who did not chat for days or even months. It may be a little less uncomfortable to show up late now that everyone is looking at a posting list of recent match activity.
When I was testing the Feeds feature in December, Tinder also included the latest Instagram uploads on the timeline. But that part has apparently been eliminated from the appropriate global world; Maybe Tinder feels that this is too much of his users' follow-up. (Your Spotify anthem changes only appear if you've linked your Spotify account with the dating application, if you're considering it).

During the tests, Tinder's Feed showed recent Instagram uploads of a match. But that feature was removed from the final version.


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