Twitter has suspended a number of accounts responsible for ‘tweetdecking’

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March 11, 2018
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Last month, Twitter announced a series of new rules on how users and applications can automate tweets in an effort to reduce spam and the bots that propagate the propaganda. The company says users who use multiple accounts can "amplify or inflate the prominence of certain tweets," and according to BuzzFeed, just banned a number of known accounts by massive retweeting or by copying and stealing tweets from other users.
BuzzFeed says that several accounts, such as @dory, @girlposts and @ginah, some with "hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers", violated the company's new spam policies and were suspended. A Twitter spokesman pointed out The Verge to the new rules that the company launched in a broader effort to combat spam, which states that violators run the risk of suspending their accounts temporarily or permanently.
In February, Twitter said it would eliminate the possibility that third-party platforms, such as Tweetdeck, would like me, retweet or send identical tweets from various accounts to reduce a practice known as "Tweetdecking." At the same time that the rules were launched, the company took energetic action against several bots.
The new rules come after revelations that more than 50,000 accounts linked to organizations backed by Russia exposed nearly 700,000 people to propaganda in the course of the 2016 presidential election in January. At that time, the company said it would be working to prevent applications from controlling the bot armies. The limits are designed to prevent people from posting "substantially similar content" on multiple accounts, and the use of those accounts to artificially increase their visibility and popularity.


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