Twitter may eventually let anyone become verified

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March 8, 2018
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The general manager of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, said in a live broadcast of Periscope today that the company is working to allow any user to be verified.
"The intention is to open the verification to everyone," says Dorsey. "And do it in a scalable way, where [Twitter] is not in the way and people can verify more facts about themselves and we do not have to be the judge or imply any prejudice on our part."
Dorsey did not elaborate on how this process looks, but other online communities, such as Airbnb, employ a verification program sent by the user that requires users to send a Facebook profile, phone number, email address or a photo issued by the CARNÉ DE IDENTIDAD government.
When Twitter first added the blue check mark to indicate the verified profiles, it was originally delivered to large public figures, such as celebrities. Eventually, the company began to verify other high-profile figures, including journalists, which made the verification mark perceived as a status symbol on the platform.
"The main problem is that we use [the checkmark] to refer to identity," says Twitter product director David Gasca. "But in user research … users consider it as credibility, [that] Twitter supports this person and what they say is great and authentic, which is not what we wanted to say." The idea is that if all are verified, the company can change the meaning of the verification mark and make users perceive the accounts without verification as suspicious.
"Users think of the verification mark as credibility, which is not what we wanted to say"
Dorsey also adds that identity, as well as anonymity, is an important part of Twitter, and he wants the platform to be a safe space for someone to say what they think without sharing identifiable information that "puts them on the path of harm". . He also adds that the team is working to better highlight accounts that are parodies, in order to prevent these tweets from being misinterpreted as facts.
Today's broadcast without prior notice from Periscope is part of the Twitter follow-up to discuss the "health" of the company. Dorsey was joined by a team of executives who wanted to provide a transparent and open space to discuss the ongoing battle of the platform against their unrestrained problems, including the spread of disinformation, bots and abusive or illegal content. Although he did not say when he will be the next host of the informal round table, Dorsey says the team hopes to hold such discussions more frequently.
"We have a lot of work ahead, it's not going to be overnight." We are going to be as open as possible, "he says." It will be uncomfortable in many ways, but we want to be very open and very vulnerable with you about what we are facing and what our challenges are. "


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