Twitter might wreck third-party apps in June

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April 6, 2018
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April 6, 2018

The people behind the third-party Twitter clients, Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Talon and Tweetings, are warning users that their applications could lose important features such as automatic notifications and an automatic update timeline in June. The problem is that after June 19, Twitter will eliminate the "transmission services" that have allowed developers to implement these functions in their applications.
Those services will be replaced by an account activity API, but so far Twitter has not allowed external developers to participate in the beta testing of that API. Even in the best case, you could only restore the push notification side; It seems that third-party Twitter clients will no longer have any practical way to offer a live update timeline. "You'll see delays in real-time updates during sports events and breaking news," the developers say.
They are raising the problem now with the hope that Twitter will offer some sort of solution before the mid-June cut. That probably only happens if the company hears enough complaints about another decision that seems designed to reduce the functionality and appeal of Twitter's third-party customers. Some of these applications offer native software on platforms that Twitter itself has decided to abandon. I myself am a user of Tweetbot on Mac, even if I usually keep the official application on my mobile. Jeff Seibert, the former product manager of Twitter, says it would be a "serious mistake" if Twitter does not do anything.

While I deeply understand the complexities of running the Twitter development platform, and there are no easy decisions here, it would be a big mistake to effectively end up with Mac support by killing Tweetbot. Jeff Seibert (@jeffseibert) April 6, 2018

Application developers are concerned that "many people do not realize that their favorite Twitter application is about to be broken, so awareness is the first step, together we can get Twitter to address this state constructively of things before the June deadline. "


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