Vergecast: S9 leaks, Twitter bots, and a new Verge podcast

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February 23, 2018
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February 23, 2018

This week in The Vergecast, Dieter is on vacation, so the Silicon Valley editor and host of an upcoming Verge podcast, Casey Newton, joins us. Nilay, Paul and Casey reviewed the news of the week, including the leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S9, Twitter bots and third-party keyboards.
In addition, as a preview of Casey's next podcast, Converge with Casey Newton, Casey takes the place as host of The Vergecast for a segment to try a new game for his podcast with Nilay and Paul as contestants.
We have a lot more in the middle of that, like the segment of Paul that he does every week "The hot robot hugs", so listen to everything, and you'll get it all.

02:26 – Everything we think we know about the Samsung Galaxy S9
09:26 – Intel's 5G laptops versus Qualcomm's LTE laptops from around the world
16:22 – Does Google Answer count as another messaging application?
20:28 – The Swype keyboard has been discontinued
22:00 – Twitter prohibits massive Twitter and duplicate accounts in the repression of bots
31:32 – Here are some Twitter options for Mac users now that the official application is going
37:05 – Converge with Casey Newton beta
56:36 – The weekly segment of Paul "Warm robot hugs"
58: 26- Apple employees can not stop walking to the beautiful glass doors on the new Apple Park campus


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