Wanted at Blue Origin: an astronaut experience manager to ‘help delight customers’

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March 8, 2018
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March 8, 2018

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin space flight company is getting closer and closer to launching tourists into the suborbital space. But before that happens, the company wants to hire someone so that future trips to the vacuum are a first class experience.
Blue Origin recently posted a job advertisement for an "Astronaut Experience Manager" on its website, a concert that is different from the majority you will find in the aerospace industry. Whoever is hired for the position will be less focused on the minutiae of engineering and more focused on creating a complete and luxurious adventure for customers who fly with the company.
"Develop a deep understanding of the needs and desires of astronauts"
"As an Astronaut Experience Manager, you will work with a team that is creating a highly differentiated offer that culminates in the client becoming an astronaut," the description indicates. "In this role, it will have a direct impact on the history of space exploration, which requires your dedicated commitment and detailed attention to safe and repeatable space flights."
According to the description, the employee will be responsible for creating the "astronaut hospitality program", as well as presenting the manifest and training content for the clients. But above all, the manager must "develop a deep understanding of the needs and desires of the astronauts", which will then be used to "help please the customers". Blue Origin is looking for someone who is a great communicator with at least seven years of experience. hospitality experience and a "customer obsession".

Blue Origin recently flew a test mannequin, called Mannequin Skywalker, on a trip to New Shepard. Image: Blue Origin

Tourists from Blue Origin will eventually travel on the New Shepard, the company's fully reusable rocket that is designed to travel up to 62 miles (100 kilometers) in height. Here, people can experience a few minutes of weightlessness and see the curvature of the Earth. It is assumed that passengers travel in a capsule that is on top of a rocket. Then, in space, the capsule and the rocket separate and both eventually return to Earth. The rocket is intended to land upright using its engines, while the capsule gently lands its crew with a parachute.
Those who have the money to pay for a probably expensive ticket will spend a good amount of time with Blue Origin. Customers need to arrive at the company's site in West Texas two days before their trip, and then they will spend the next day training. Then, the Astronaut Experience Manager will have many experiences to manage.
The work perfectly illustrates how the commercial space industry departs from the government's space programs. While Blue Origin focuses on making its trips safe and comfortable, the company is also thinking a lot about customer service. However, it will be a while before people can enjoy this kind of space hospitality. Blue Origin says it expects to send its first customers sometime in 2019.


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