WasteShark will help clear the ocean of debris

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February 17, 2018
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February 17, 2018

Unfortunately, modern seas and oceans are full of plastic debris. A large number of packages, bottles and other debris are nailed daily on the banks, creating an unsightly image. The decision was found by a businessman from South Africa, Richard Hardiman, who created an autonomous garbage collection device in ports.
The invention has been called "Waste Shark" (WasteShark). Created by the Dutch company RanMarine, owned by Hardiman, this marine drones looks like a small catamaran with a garbage can to collect garbage between the pontoons. The power source for this is an electric battery. Moving along the waters of the port, WasteShark picks up debris from the surface and sends it to the internal unit, where it can be removed at the end of the job.
In the future, a drone is planned to collect data on water quality, depths and weather conditions, and to transfer them to the port's shipping point in real time. Information on tides, currents and climate can be used in the future by the device itself: intelligent software will allow you to independently choose a route to improve its efficiency.
The Hardiman project was included in the Dutch Port Technology Development Program, so two WasteShark prototypes have already been tested in the Rotterdam seaport. As part of the pilot project launched, the port will receive four more autonomous garbage collectors in a few months.
In the future, Richard Hardiman plans to create an expanded version of the UAV equipped with solar panels. Called "Great WasteShark", the new device can collect up to 500 kg of garbage at one time. Thanks to the use of sensors and a video camera, it will avoid collisions with ships in the port and, for added security, the Great WasteShark work area will be limited to the less animated sections of the port.
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