Watch a new teaser for the next season of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale

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Hulu has released a new breakthrough for the next season of his dystopian show, The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale, which lists all the things the Servants have to deal with in their daily lives in the oppressive country of Gilead.
The list essentially comes down to obeying and submitting to men: "put on the red dress, put on your wings, close your mouth, be a good girl". It seems very appropriate that the teaser lands today, on International Women's Day: a reminder point of the systemic inequality that exists today, and that is represented at its extremes in the show.
Based on Margaret Atwood's novel, the show unfolds in a dystopian world in the near future where women are stripped of their rights in an oppressive religious regime. The show has been a great success for Hulu: her first season won four Emmys for the broadcast service last year, including Best Drama, Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Writing.
The first two episodes of The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale season premiere on April 25 on Hulu.


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