Watch Jordan Peele use AI to make Barack Obama deliver a PSA about fake news

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April 17, 2018
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April 17, 2018

How do you see the future of false news? Nobody really knows, but here is a small sample of Jordan Peele and BuzzFeed, who came together to do the previous PSA. Using some of the latest AI techniques, Peele ventriloquizes Barack Obama, making him think about Black Panther ("Killmonger was right") and calls President Donald Trump "a complete and complete idiot".
The video was made by the Peele production company using a combination of old and new technology: Adobe After Effects and the AI ​​FakeApp face exchange tool. The latter is the most prominent example of how AI can facilitate the creation of false photorealistic videos. He started his life on Reddit as a tool to create fake celebrity porn, but since then it has become a worrying symbol of the power of artificial intelligence to generate false information and false news.
Yes, we have had software to create counterfeits for a while, but AI facilitates the entire process. Researchers have developed tools that allow you to make face exchanges like the previous one in real time; Adobe is creating a "Photoshop for audio" that allows you to edit the dialog as easily as a photo; and a Canadian startup called Lyrebird offers a service that allows you to falsify another person's voice with only a few minutes of audio. Technologist Aviv Ovadya summed up the fears created by this technology and asked BuzzFeed News: "What happens when someone can make it look like something has happened, regardless of whether he did it or not?"
Scientists are currently creating tools that can detect AI forgeries, but for the time being, the best shield against this type of misinformation is to instill in everyone a little more knowledge of the media. If you see a provocative video, you should ask yourself: where does this come from? Have they corroborated other points of sale? Does it even look real? In the case of the videos generated by AI, you can usually see that they are false when showing signs of distortion and blurring.
As "Obama" says in the PSA: "It may sound basic, but how we advance in the information age is going to be the difference between if we survive or if we become a kind of fucking dystopia."

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