Watch the Vergecast Live from SXSW today at 1PM ET

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March 9, 2018
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March 9, 2018

If you are here because you have not yet seen The Vergecast in your podcast broadcast and want to express your opinion, cheer up: this week, we're recording it on SXSW in front of a live audience at 12 p.m. CT / 1PM ET. (Doors open at 11:00 a.m. CT). You can find all the details here, but in a nutshell: Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Ashley Carman and Casey Newton will talk about the week's tech news and be smitten by Verge fans in Austin.
It's happening in the house of Vox Media, called The Deep End. Vox Media is also doing many other shows, including Why & # 39; d You Push That Button? with Kaitlyn Tiffany and Ashley Carman. They will be released live at 4 p.m. CT / 5 p. M. ET, therefore, be sure to go through person or chat. You can find a complete calendar of events here.
If for some completely normal and understandable reason you are not in Austin, you can still watch a live broadcast of The Vergecast on YouTube before everything is edited into something that Andru Marino can listen to and be inserted into the podcast feed.
Come to hang IRL or in the YouTube chat. It should be fun! (Please make sure it's fun in both places).


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