Wave is another MIDI controller ring, but this one has buttons

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March 9, 2018
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March 9, 2018

I have been stung by the failure of musical production recently. The team is so good these days, how could I stop doing something amazing? All I need is a Roland TR-8S for $ 699, an Elektron Octatrack MKII for $ 1,349, and maybe an ArtSite KeyStep for $ 119, and then just a guitar and …
Well, now I'm poor.
For someone who has a setting that he likes, but wants a novel way to adjust the parameters with hand movements and maybe activate a drum pad or two, the Wave portable MIDI controller from Genki Instruments is an interesting option.
Wave's built-in motion detection offers you different control axes, which can be assigned to any property of the software configuration you wish to adjust. There are three main movements: bread, tilt and roll. In addition, there are buttons on the ring that can be assigned to actions such as play, stop or record, and you can also touch your finger on any surface to, for example, activate a sample, a movement that I know well. . You can also pair several waves, to give yourself a set of finger drums.

Unlike the MIDI Enhancia ring that we covered in January, which seemed designed primarily for keyboards, Wave is quite general and seems to be a bit more bulky. Enhancia is designed to catch intentional movements, but not to fire each time you press a key on your keyboard. Hopefully, Wave will achieve the right balance between being sensitive to movement and not shooting in every little movement. Of course, you can always just not connect all the controls in your software.
If you want to play music without a computer or a nearby iPad, you will need a way to connect Wave's Bluetooth connection to your MIDI chain, but Genki is also offering a Eurorack receiver called Wavefront, which allows you to connect the Wave output in a configuration modular (those crazy scientific synthesizer configurations covered with connection cables).
Wave is supposed to be shipped in December of this year and will start at $ 149 for Indiegogo sponsors. In addition, there is a Wavefront package for $ 199. It is always an act of faith to support a first project on Indiegogo, but the company did exhibit Wave at NAMM this year, and clearly has some prototypes in operation.


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