Ways to celebrate day of the dads.

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April 4, 2018
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April 4, 2018


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Ways to celebrate the day of the parents.

Dads do so much to make the home a place we love. That's why every Father's Day we take the time to show our gratitude and love. From the guy who apparently has everything for someone who does not want anything, we're here to help you find the perfect way to show appreciation for everything you do.
This year, whether you want to get out of the norm or stay firm, the Nest team has many ideas to celebrate the paternal figure (s) in your life.
For the father who likes to be marked and to mark …

While the Nest thermostat is there for dads to control the heat inside the house, Libby believes that you should pair it with the Withings Thermo so you can get the full experience of tracking the temperature.
For the father who wants to be the one-man coffee stand like Rob, check out the Spinn coffeemaker.
Jesse must be sharing the brain waves with Rob. He says Dad deserves the Ember cup of coffee to keep the fuel so that his fire burns at the perfect temperature.
Ana knows how to increase the volume of her thanks by giving Dad a Google Home speaker.
Lindsey and Anton are making a Beeline at the top of the favorites list with this simplified bicycle GPS. Give it to the father who is cycling in your life and watch him take the road to happiness with easy navigation.
And for the parent who wants to keep up with what's going on at home, get $ 50 off when you buy Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor, now through June 18.
For the father who seeks freedom from the norm …

A business suit that you can surf with? Jonathan understands it. Look at the wetsuit of any surfer father.
Betsy knows that Arduino Starter Kit is the best way for dads to become practical and creative with 15 fun projects that can turn your father into an astronaut, fortune teller or code hacker.
Tommy's family is better than connecting him with some guitar lessons, or with one of these applications so he can learn by himself. Who does not want to perfect their skills with the air guitar?
Mark is also learning the vibes of music, asking to be awarded a new turntable for his old vinyl records. Let's go guys.
For the father who is always aware of the clothes …

Jayne is here to inform you that a good tie is never a bad idea.
When Lindsey's dad finishes riding a bike, she knows she'll want to put her feet on something classic and comfortable. Enter these famous L.L shoes. Bean
Zach is confident that the Allbirds of a feather should congregate together. If you agree, hook a pair for the father in your life to keep your shoe set cool.
Jane knows that a father on the road does not mean he has to sacrifice his sense of style. That's why she's a fan of Aer bags.
For the father who wants to be more skilled than the next guy …

Michele's husband knows how to mix his truck. This year he ordered a Smittybilt winch to keep his truck on the road.
You never knew your father needed a Roomba for his lawn, right? Fortunately, Brian is backing you up with the WORX Landroid Robotic lawn mower.
Tavin has the best advice to keep any dad's garage organized and uncomplicated with the Racor Bike Lift.
The Tavin Councils continue with the best way to help your dad be hands-free: the Pearl magnetic phone holder.
With luck, your father is skilled enough not to fire. But just in case, make sure you have a Nest Protect CO and smoke alarm nearby.

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