Westworld’s spoiler reveal turns out to be an elaborate Rickroll

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April 10, 2018
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April 10, 2018

Yesterday, the creators of Westworld Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy gave the fans of the series an intriguing offer: to fight against endless theories and spoilers for the next second season of the HBO program, they would publish a video that reveals the complete plot of the new season if a publication on Reddit got 1,000 positive votes. The publication reached the magic number a few hours later, and shortly thereafter, Nolan commented with a link to a 25-minute video entitled "Westworld Season 2 – A Primer."
The video opens with a shot of the trailers of Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) on a beach, with the voice-over of Wright narrating. There are references to "The Door", which has been hinted at as a theme for the new season in the same way that "The Maze" was for season 1. Everything seems on the level. Dolores, by Evan Rachel Wood, appears, and it seems that we are about to get more information about what will happen next.
And then they start playing the familiar chords of Rick Astley's infamous internet troll ballad, "Never Gonna Give You Up."

Yes, it's a Rickroll. It is very elaborate, without hesitation, complete with Evan Rachel Wood that covers the song with piano accompaniment of the cast member Angela Sarafyan on set, but anyway it is a goblin. The rest of the video is filled with an extended clip of a dog to the piano, as a tribute to the recently deceased Bento the Keyboard Cat.
It is a fun revelation, although one that takes advantage of the good will of the most enthusiastic fans of the show by turning the endless attempts to guess the secrets of the show into the target of a joke. (Although the commentators in Nolan's post on Reddit seem to be taking the turn in a good mood.) For now, it seems that we all have to enjoy discovering the mysteries of Westworld the old-fashioned way: watching the show.


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