Wireless earbuds are too wireless for me

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February 17, 2018
The case for using the iPhone X without a case
February 18, 2018

I usually listen to music with a pair of cheap HTC headphones, for a variety of reasons I've already commented. But recently, I've been testing some pairs of Bluetooth headsets like my full-time headphones, part of my tasks as a Circuit Breaker writer, and I've noticed that Bluetooth headphones make me feel incredibly anxious.
The reason is simple With a pair of wired headphones, there is a physical strap that attaches my phone to my ears. As long as there is music flowing through the wires, I can be safe and secure knowing that my phone is a meter away at the other end, just where I expect it to be. That cable serves as a link, a safety net that ensures that the most important electronic device I carry is still …

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