Wireless Koss Porta Pros just showed up at the FCC

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April 16, 2018
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April 16, 2018

When the headphone plugs were retained from smartphones by our omniscient corporate lords, we were promised a wireless future as compensation. But in addition to battery life, lower audio quality and pairing problems, Bluetooth headsets have one more disadvantage: they are not Koss Porta Pros.
The Koss Porta Pro headphones are the best headphones ever invented. (Please, do not pay attention to Vlad.) They are light, breathable, they do not block outside noise and they sound incredible, not just for the price. Amazing. Final point. In addition, there are these small foam pads that exert all the pressure on your temples so that your ears do not collapse.
They are also really easy to break, because the wires that go into each ear are extremely fragile, and I have destroyed at least three pairs of Porta Pros by accidentally causing the cable to snag on something and break violently.
Then, anyway, a wireless version of the Koss Porta Pro, possibly called "Koss Porta Pro Wireless", was seen in a presentation by the FCC, as seen by Ars Technica. It looks exactly like the classic design decades ago, except that instead of an auxiliary cable, there is a neck strap cable that includes a small battery (220mAh) and a playback driver.
What is worrying is that the presentation refers to compatibility with Bluetooth 4.1, which means that the Koss Porta Pro Wireless probably does not have a super modern Bluetooth chipset, which means that it may not solve all the typical problems with Bluetooth headphones . Or maybe this is just an old model that was lost in the FCC mailroom and will not be released at all.
Who knows. But I want.


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