You can now send GIFs within LinkedIn Messenger, but why?

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The GIF Tenor platform has announced that it will feed GIF searches within LinkedIn Messaging, as reported by TechCrunch. The news comes only a couple of weeks after Google announced that it had acquired Tenor to help the company show GIF within Google images and other services like Gboard more easily.
As part of the new integration, members will be able to search GIF within LinkedIn messaging, as well as access to trend GIFs, and in the near future they will have a personalized transmission that shows what is most frequently used on LinkedIn. The update is now available to 50 percent of LinkedIn users and will be released to everyone else in the near future.
Tenor says that messages sent on LinkedIn have grown 60 percent in the last year and that GIF's integration into the platform will help "create genuine connections with professional contacts such as co-workers, former colleagues or alumni." Of course, there are more people sending messages on LinkedIn and the use of GIF within the messages in general has become much more popular … but, is it necessary to send GIF to your colleague, recruiter or potential candidate for a job? Is a GIF from "The Hangover" an appropriate response to agree to meet a superior, as illustrated by Tenor above? Tenor was so worried about whether he could or not, he did not stop to think if he should?
If you feel like adding a pinch of Chuck Norris or a subordinate to your LinkedIn messages, the search for Tenor GIF must be accessible through a GIF button in the message writing field (if it is part of the 50 percent that currently has it) .


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