YouTube live streams will soon include automatic captions

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February 26, 2018
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February 26, 2018

YouTube today announces some new features to improve the experience of viewers watching live broadcasts. First of all, the company has announced that it will bring automatic English subtitles to live broadcasts whenever the subtitles provided by professionals are not available. The ongoing goal is to make transmissions accessible to more people.
These subtitles use the company's live voice recognition (LASR) technology, which is "moving closer" to industry standards in terms of error rates and latency. It works with machine learning, and therefore automatic subtitles are far from perfect. But it is certainly better than nothing if you want to make things more convenient for the viewers and maximize the audience of your live broadcast. The automatic subtitles of live broadcast will be released sometime in the coming weeks.
Second, YouTube will now preserve and play the chats that occurred during a live broadcast. The live chat replays will appear next to the video and will be played in sync while you are watching.

Third, YouTube creators that broadcast live from their smartphone can now geo-tag the location where they are recording. By clicking or touching on that location tag, you will see other videos from that area and you can also filter the search by location to see only the videos recorded nearby. And finally, YouTube says that creators can now link the "Super Chat" feature (which allows viewers to pay for their comments to have more prominence) with IFTTT and smart gadgets for the home.


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