Zuckerberg says Facebook will extend European data protections worldwide — kind of

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April 11, 2018
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At today's hearing before the House Commerce and Energy Committee, Mark Zuckerberg said that the changes that Facebook is making in response to the General Regulation of Data Protection of the European Union (GDPR) will be available around the world . Zuckerberg committed not only to provide the same privacy controls, but also to perform the same types of disclosure and treat user data in the same way. The GDPR imposes requirements on how user data is collected and how user data should be deleted at the request of the user. However, just moments after giving a clear yes, he seemed to be wrong one more time.
"Facebook has agreed to comply with [the GDPR] in Europe and will face heavy sanctions if they do not," Rep. Gene Green (D-TX) said at the hearing. "In recent days, you have said that Facebook intends to make the same settings available to users everywhere, not just in Europe." I correctly understood that Facebook would not only make the same configuration available, but also offer the same protections that Europeans will do?
When Zuckerberg responded that "all the same controls" will be available, the congressman pressed him once again. "And do you promise today that Facebook will extend the same protections to Americans that Europeans will receive under the GDPR?"
The CEO of Facebook responded with a clear yes.
But when Rep. Janice Schakowsky (D-IL) followed up, Zuckerberg again made a mistake about the GDPR.
"Is it your response that exactly the protections that are guaranteed, not only the controls but all the rights required under the General Data Protection Regulations will also apply to Americans?"
Zuckerberg began describing the privacy controls they were adding. "Congressman, the GDPR has a lot of different important pieces, one is offering controls, that's what we're doing, the second one is to find an affirmative consensus and put a check on the people that guide people through their choices. Do that too … Let's put a tool on top of the applications of the people who will guide them through their configuration – "
The congresswoman interrupted him. "It seems that it will not be accurate." He ran out of time before he could press him further.
At yesterday's hearing before the Senate, Zuckerberg was equally ambiguous about whether this would be the case, possibly because his lullaby (photographed yesterday by the AP), says in bold text, "GDPR (Do not say we already do what that the GDPR requires). "
It is not known if Facebook is in compliance with GDPR at this time. The new rules will take effect on May 25.


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